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App Pools in Azure App Service

I like IIS so when I first started playing with core I always set it up to run in IIS. The Kestrel webserver that comes with it is an OWIN standard server whatever that means. I know what it stands for. Did you know you cannot have 2 core applications share the same web pool in IIS? Ok sure, maybe you did create another pool, no big deal. Then did you try and publish to Azure App Service? Wait, where in the portal can I control the pools in Azure... nowhere that's where. It seems as though the option is run them, all of them, 'out of process'. Took a while to figure out that this web.config in my project works:

      <aspNetCore processPath="bin\IISSupport\VSIISExeLauncher.exe" arguments="-argFile IISExeLauncherArgs.txt" stdoutLogEnabled="false" hostingModel="outofprocess" stdoutLogFile="\\?\%home%\LogFiles\stdout-website">

I believe this is Kestrel is serving and IIS is in front. I publish to Azure App Service using the built in Visual Studio 2019 publish mechanism. It turns the web.config to this at Azure:

      <aspNetCore processPath=".\website.exe" arguments="" stdoutLogEnabled="false" hostingModel="outofprocess" stdoutLogFile="\\?\%home%\LogFiles\stdout">

CGI anyone?


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