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Sunset Beach Bowls Facebook Event - Review

Ok, so how is this post about tech? It isn't but it is about how tech, mainstream social media, works in our lives today. Right down the street from me is a beach and stuff happens down there all the time. Most of it is probably coordinated with social media. This stuff used to happen using word of mouth, the Good Times, flyers placed in appropriate local establishments.

Here is my review:

This was my first try at crystal bowl, harp sound bath thing at Moran Lake beach. Blond power of positive thinking type, all in white, is the leader. New-Agey dudes and wellness ladies aged 30 – 80 years old surround her. Many of them split off from the sitting circle, to go smoke weed.

Maybe it is my suit and tasseled loafers, but I think they smile and almost chuckle at my less wellness aesthetics.

“Intentions are Manifestations in the Quantum Field.”

There are yoga mats but also sensible Santa Cruz July evening clothes and blankets. There is a fire. A skim boarder skims, an old bro drinks a beer. A they-ish couple kneel face-to-face and hold hands. Two high school aged girls practice volleyball with no net. It is high tide and a kid fishes from a rock, the rip rap, which slows the erosion. Two old tourist ladies, one with a phone and the other with a big camera, take pictures. Or maybe not tourists, maybe somehow part of the promotion? Classic Lebowski prototype saunters in late.

She stands facing the ocean. But I, closer to the water’s edge, look back at her against a backdrop of eucalyptus, smoke and fog. I can feel the drizzle. It is not that cold. The sound of cars, waves and the quiet scratch of my sharpie taking notes are all louder than the bowls and harp. The old bro has settled in, now sitting. Some very expensive dogs have shown up but are not a problem because they are expensive and well trained. An old fit couple starts throwing a tennis ball back and forth with baseball mitts. Kinda like it is a spiritual practice. The expensive dogs could care less.

She spins sticks with what looks like the silicon sleeves that go on furniture legs to keep from marring the floor; she slides them around the circumference of the bowls, to make them sing. A small harp is played by a young light-haired man also all in white.

I was going to mention that events on the beach are often not coordinated with county, city or state powers. However, when it is over and after Namaste, she informs that permits are going to be required to continue and to please donate because they will continue doing this event.

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