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Business Process Owners and Technocracy

Maybe we have been fighting a losing battle and we need to embrace the Technocracy. For years I have heard the truism / best practice idea that there are Business Process Owners and they are solution drivers and the technologists are one of their resources. I think every line of code that is written and every new button the business gets to push leads us further away from that. There are no Analysts. There is no QA. Business Users are button pushers and testers. Now we read code to find out what the chimeric BPO paid to dump their brain into code. Business Process Owners are now at best just project approvers. Code is the only real documentation. How can we blame business users who are slumping into apathy as they experience this. For me the dark side of this is that as a technocrat it is becoming my responsibility to master a business domain in advance like an analyst once did, not as a consequence of my work. Will we build crap and evolve it to something easy to use and understand several versions in the future? Will business users have patience for that as it becomes more extreme? Maybe if everyone comes to accept this dark reality the hand wringing can stop. It seems like the Open Source folks were right about something even if they portrayed it over-optimistically as a happy thing. Empty suits swimming naked become hot swappable as the only people this economy empowers are those that serve the machine.

Think about business rules...

If you can construct a grammatically correct sentence that perfectly describes your business process then you should learn to read and write code because you are almost there. It will help structure your thoughts. Good clearly written code is the best way to express these things. How up to date is that Confluence? Or are you still recording phone/video meetings with BPOs and trying to find that part where they said a thing? Are you trying to get a waterfall document from them and an analyst? Do they even respond to email? Give it up. Look in the source control system and see what the person you just replaced checked in last.


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