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To WPF or Not to WPF

The hive made contact with me today and it has been a while.

I felt like I was talking to someone with deep WPF experience with enthusiasm for the product and I do feel better about pushing it at our company. I still think that maybe Microsoft has underestimated how many developers out there are just now ready to take the plunge and will interpret “complete” as not as successful as it could be, especially while noting how very little activity in the last 3 years on blogs or MS’s own site is devoted to anything other than begging for a roadmap from Microsoft.

There is a new MSDN article on WPF, kinda:
The way I interpret it is, we don’t know or we can’t tell you what’s next so put on your seat belt.

If what is next is just a period where every team at Microsoft embraces XAML but implements it differently and the marketing only emphasizes the latest variant there is a large sector of developers who will just go HTML. I have a friend who gave up on Windows because his Windows Mobile 6.5 development was outmoded by Silverlight and as Silverlight dies he feels vindicated.

Improve the propaganda, I don't have too many complaints about the platform. The real question is, why did it take me so long to love the Scorpions?

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